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Read our latest Issue Note on ‘Evidence on the Use of Virtual Mental Health Care Technologies for Youth.’​​​

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Our purpose is to support the scientific effort and community in their work through encouraging multidisciplinary collaborations and helping to connect people and resources to enable rapid knowledge mobilization and science-to-policy action. We are also committed to helping to provide our government partners with a better line of sight to existing and emerging COVID‑19 science and research.

Our partners and collaborators consist of academic, science-related and government institutions. We cross promote and share resources to connect our members to COVID‑19 information, and to facilitate our members’ contribution to decision-making.

Our members engage and collaborate with an interdisciplinary network through a Slack platform, including Canada’s leading scientists, researchers, and academics. They receive the latest insights, can share their work through Slack or through our Speakers Series and Workshops, and can find potential collaborators to work with on COVID‑19 initiatives.

On this page, you will find a glimpse of our latest knowledge products, a reference list of Canada’s response to COVID-19, and hear from some of the voices in our community.

Interactive COVID‑19 Trackers

Explore our new Featured COVID‑19 Trackers page. Here you will gain access to a curated list of COVID data, interact with the various types and sources of COVID‑19 data using different dashboards, and explore other provincial, national, and international resources.

Our Knowledge Products

The following collection of resources relating to COVID‑19 research was developed by members of the CanCOVID Community. They include rapid reviews and issue notes, among other types of products.

Evidence on the Use of Virtual Mental Health Care Technologies for Youth​

Mentorship of Early-, Mid- and Late-Career Nurses, as a Retention Measure: Rapid Review of the Evidence

The Use of Asynchronous Virtual Mental Health (AVMH) Technologies in Rural and Remote Communities

How Language Shapes Change: Perspectives on the Most and Least Effective Communication Strategies and Tactics During the COVID‑19 Pandemic

CanCOVID Webinar Summary

Health Human Resources in Long-Term Care: Ten global insights about how to increase and stabilize the long-term care workforce in Canada

Supports and interventions used in OECD countries to integrate unpaid caregivers into long-term care settings and those aging in place​

High-quality long-term care homes: International approaches in implementing reforms

Canada’s Response to COVID‑19

This list presents national advisory committees, task forces, and research networks supporting an evidence-based response to COVID‑19 for Canada, providing information to inform policy and practice at the national level. Please let us know about other key advisory bodies we may have missed by contacting us at info@cancovid.ca.

National Advisory Committees and Task Forces

Chief Science Advisor of Canada

  • Appointed to provide scientific advice to the government of Canada.
  • The CSA has established several advisory groups on COVID-19.

COVID‑19 Special Advisory Committee (SAC)

A federal-provincial-territorial expert group, co-chaired by Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, and a rotating provincial Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO), which brings together Canada’s chief public health officers to address COVID-19, including the development of public health guidance.

National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

Provides advice to PHAC and Canadians on immunization programs, appropriate vaccines, and appropriate target populations.

COVID‑19 Vaccine Task Force (VTF)

A team of experts and industry leaders providing information about safety, development, and delivery of vaccines for Canada.

COVID‑19 Therapeutics Task Force (TTF)

A team of industry leaders and scientific advisors who assess and prioritize COVID‑19 therapeutics for Canada.

The COVID‑19 Immunity Task Force (CITF)

A team of experts working with the public health agency, focusing on tracking, research, testing, and estimates of immunity.

COVID‑19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel

Provides evidence-informed advice to the federal government on science and policy related to innovative approaches to testing.

Royal Society of Canada (RSC) Task Force on COVID‑19

Currently has a wide-ranging series of policy briefings, media reports, and work plans on many aspects of COVID-19, synthesizing available information and advice from leading Canadian experts for decision makers.

Public Health Ethics Consultative Group (PHECG)

Provides guidance on ethical issues and questions related to agency programs and services.

National Coordinating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health

Canadian Immunization Research Network

A CIHR-funded national network of key vaccine researchers who develop and test methods for evaluating vaccines regarding safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness, as well as program implementation and evaluation.

National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH)

British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, British Columbia

National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH)

St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP)

Institut national de la santé publique du Québec, Montréal, Québec

National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health (NCCIH)

University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia

National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCCID)

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT)

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

National Research Networks

Canadian Network of COVID‑19 Clinical Trials Network

A CIHR-funded international network that is working to provide the best available evidence to support decision-making and researchers involved in the pandemic response.

Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network (CoVarr-Net)

A CIHR-funded national network that will enable the rapid assessment of both the immune response to the virus variants and any resistance to existing vaccines. To provide decision makers with guidance regarding drug therapy, vaccine effectiveness, and other public health strategies.

COVID‑19 Evidence Network to Support Decision-Making (COVID-END)

COVID-END is a CIHR-funded network with 50 world leaders in producing syntheses, technology assessments and guidelines. Find access to best available evidence on a full range of COVID‑19 topics.

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