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Welcome to CanCOVID’s new COVID‑19 Trackers page. Stay up to date on a variety of trending COVID data, interact and manipulate COVID‑19 data using the different dashboards found below, and explore other provincial, national, and international resources.

· The data visualizations featured on this page were sourced from Resources COVID‑19 Canada and Esri Canada.

· The data shown in the first three sections on this page have been gathered from national and provincial health ministries. The fourth section has a combination of provincial, Canadian, and international resources.

· These dashboards have interactive features. We encourage you to watch this short video below to learn how to use them.

About COVID‑19 Trackers

Enjoy this quick orientation video of the CanCOVID COVID‑19 Trackers Page.

Daily COVID‑19 Case Trends

On the Daily Case Trends graph, you can navigate among various COVID‑19 data sets, including new cases, deaths, cumulative cases, and hospitalizations. You can also choose your region from the drop-down option at the top right corner of that graph, showing you the COVID‑19 data from specific provinces and territories.

On the Daily Case graph, you can navigate through the labels at the bottom to discover daily cases, daily recovered, and daily deaths by clicking on them.

COVID‑19 daily trends by region since March 1, 2020. Updated daily.

COVID‑19 daily cases and recoveries in Canada since March 1, 2020. Updated daily.

Overview of Data

Explore a comprehensive overview of Canadian COVID‑19 data on national, provincial, and regional levels. Simply use the +/- toggle on the top right of the map to zoom in and out. You can also click on the map and drag the map to the other side to move across the country. Updated daily.

Using the map:

  • Click on a province to see its data or zoom in further and click on your area of interest for specific regional data. A sidebar with the relevant COVID data will appear, including total cases, deaths, recoveries, infection rate, hospitalizations, vaccinations, etc.
  • Provincial case rates are represented with differing shades of red highlighting each province, while the size of the bubbles indicates the total amount of provincial cases. The legend can also be found within the dashboard when you click on the box with the double arrow at the top left of the map.
  • Feel free to reach out to us for any further assistance at

Tracking Vaccinations and Testing

Investigate diverse data sets specific to COVID‑19 vaccinations, testing, and tracking. Use the labels at the bottom of each graph (e.g., vaccine rate, vaccine doses, exposure, status, etc.) to flip through data sets, and different data visualizations. Updated daily.

Additional Tracking Resources

We have compiled a brief list of provincial, national, and international COVID‑19 tracking tools and data sets. While most of these tools draw data from the same sources, a few of the numbers may differ due to updating schedules and data sets.

Provincial Organizations and Groups

Alberta Health Services – COVID‑19 info for Albertans

Interactive aggregate data on COVID‑19 cases in Alberta.

British Columbia COVID‑19 Dashboard

The latest data on COVID‑19 in British Columbia.

Goverment du Québec

The latest data on COVID‑19 in Québec.

Public Health Ontario – COVID‑19 Data Tool

Current epidemiological information on COVID‑19 activity in Ontario.

Government of Manitoba

The latest data on COVID‑19 in Manitoba.

Government of New Brunswick – COVID‑19 Dashboard

The latest data on COVID‑19 in New Brunswick.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador COVID‑19 Pandemic Update Hub

The latest data on COVID‑19 in Newfoundland and Labrador .

Nunavut Department of Health

(Their COVID‑19 landing page no longer exists.)

Government of Northwest Territories – COVID‑19 Dashboard

The latest data on COVID‑19 in the Northwest Territories.

Government of Saskatchewan – COVID‑19 Dashboard

(Their dashboard is no longer updated.)

Government of Yukon – COVID‑19 Dashboard

(Their COVID‑19 landing page no longer exists.)

Canadian Organizations

COVID‑19 in Canada Dashboard: Powered by Dundas BI

Explore critical cases and resources by geography, perform social distancing what-if analysis, and examine the virus’ impact on business and employment with these dashboards.

Government of Canada COVID-19: Outbreak Update Tool

Explore provinces and territories using the interactive map to see total cases, recovered cases, tests performed, or deaths in Canada over time.

Government of Canada COVID-19: Daily Epidemiology Update Tool

Summary of data on the spread of COVID‑19 in Canada over time and in different regions of the country. Includes breakdowns by age, sex, and gender, and provides an overview of the hospitalizations, deaths, testing, variants of concern, and exposures.

National Institute of Aging Long-Term Care COVID‑19 Tracker

A COVID‑19 tracking map which collects information on confirmed and presumptive positive, resident and staff cases and deaths related to COVID‑19 in long-term care settings across Canada. To accomplish this, every nursing and retirement home that has experienced a COVID‑19 outbreak has been presented on a Google Map of Canada. Data is updated twice per week on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Tools

CAMH – COVID‑19 National Survey Dashboard

An interactive dashboard tracking survey results on the mental health and substance use impacts of COVID-19. This research was conducted on English-speaking Canadians ages 18 and older. You will find multiple visualizations on the effects of anxiety, binge drinking, loneliness, and depression on individuals.

City of Toronto – COVID‑19 Monitoring Dashboard

An interactive dashboard that is updated each Wednesday with information on the following five categories: 1) Virus Spread and Containment, 2) Equity, 3) Laboratory Testing, 4) Health Care System Capacity, and 5) Public Health. There are also options to download Excel data and view technical notes.

Emory University – COVID‑19 Health Equity Interactive Dashboard

Here you will find an interactive dashboard, updated every weekday, with information grouped by race/ethnicity in the An interactive dashboard that is updated daily, containing information grouped by race/ethnicity in the US. There is data on vaccinations statistics, average daily cases/deaths per 100K, and daily cases/deaths. Explore detailed data for each state/county by clicking on the US map.

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