CanCOVID organizes and hosts a weekly Speaker Series, as well as monthly workshops and special events, to highlight emerging and published research throughout the pandemic. Thank you to all of the speakers who have generously shared their expertise to help ensure timely dissemination of results across a wide range of topics and disciplines.

See below for upcoming events, the recordings of previous events, and see events being led by others in this area. If you will be holding a COVID-19-related research event and would like us to consider sharing it on this page, please contact

Upcoming CanCOVID Events

Speaker Series

21 September 2021
4‑4:30pm EDT

Navigating the Pandemic’s Most Difficult Decisions: Science, Policy, and Ethics

Join us for our next Speaker Series event: Navigating the Pandemic’s Most Difficult Decisions: Science, Policy, and Ethics.​


22 September 2021
1‑2:30pm EDT

Therapeutic Advances in the Treatment of COVID-19.

Join us for our next Special Workshop on: Therapeutic Advances in the Treatment of COVID‑19.​

Seminar Series with CITF

29 September 2021
1‑2:30pm EDT

COVID‑19 Immunity Task Force & CanCOVID Seminar Series: Research Results & Implications

Join us for our first Seminar Series event with CITF on: Risks and impacts of the COVID‑19 pandemic on Canada’s kids, their parents, and teachers: Latest research results and policy implications.​

Previous CanCOVID Events

Speaker Series

14 September 2021
4‑4:30pm EDT

Understanding COVID‑19 risk, vaccine confidence, and immunogenicity in the South Asian population in Canada

Speaker: S Anand

Speaker Series Event Summary

08 September 2021

United Nations Research Roadmap for the COVID‑19 Recovery: Leveraging the Power of Science for a More Equitable, Resilient, and Sustainable Future 

Speaker Series

07 September 2021
4‑4:30pm EDT

The Ontario Modelling Consensus Table – An Overview of Methods and Current Projections​

Speaker: ​B Sander

Speaker Series

27 July 2021
4‑4:30pm EDT

A Guide to Vaccine Hesitancy Conversations: Building Confidence in Primary Care

Speakers: M Leslie, R Fadaak, N Pinto

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