McMaster University and CanCOVID Webinar​: Long-Term Care in Crisis: The Reality of COVID-19​

Moderator: Susan Braedley, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Carleton University


While it is expedient to cite COVID‑19 for the crisis in long-term care (LTC), the fact is this sector has long been poised for problems. There are countless accounts of such issues as staffing deficits, problems with physical infrastructure, and the abuse, neglect, and isolation of residents, although these were exacerbated by the pandemic. Building on the key work of previous researchers, this webinar will present selected findings from a CIHR-funded study that examined the impact of the pandemic on LTC residents in Ontario, Quebec, and the Netherlands. While acknowledging the importance of staffing and bed numbers, the results suggest that the sector must do more to promote real reform.​

This webinar will examine characteristics of exemplar LTC homes and the vital role they play in assuring a safe and quality environment for residents. By modelling what works in practice, governments can improve legislation that promotes excellence in care and strengthens the LTC sector.​

If you are interested in reading the papers associated with this study, we encourage you to visit the July 2022 Healthcare Policy Special Issue in Longwoods.​

Please join us for this webinar on COVID‑19 in long-term care and stay for the Q&A session at the end. ​

With funding from the Government of Canada

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