CanCOVID Knowledge Products

Our CanCOVID knowledge products include rapid reviews, summaries, and issue notes developed in response to requests from government partners. These reports summarize existing evidence and incorporate input from the CanCOVID scientific community.

Evidence on the Use of Virtual Mental Health Care Technologies for Youth​

Mentorship of Early-, Mid- and Late-Career Nurses, as a Retention Measure: Rapid Review of the Evidence

The Use of Asynchronous Virtual Mental Health (AVMH) Technologies in Rural and Remote Communities

How Language Shapes Change: Perspectives on the Most and Least Effective Communication Strategies and Tactics During the COVID‑19 Pandemic

CanCOVID Webinar Summary

Health Human Resources in Long-Term Care: Ten global insights about how to increase and stabilize the long-term care workforce in Canada

Supports and interventions used in OECD countries to integrate unpaid caregivers into long-term care settings and those aging in place​

High-quality long-term care homes: International approaches in implementing reforms

Home Care for Older Adults During the COVID‑19 Pandemic: Lessons from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany to strengthen and expand home care in Canada

Quality assurance mechanisms in long-term care homes: Evidence from abroad

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