CanCOVID Knowledge Products

Our CanCOVID knowledge products include rapid reviews, summaries, and issue notes developed in response to requests from government partners. These reports summarize existing evidence and incorporate input from the CanCOVID scientific community.

Key considerations for introducing and lifting public health measures in kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools

Key considerations and emerging evidence of experience across jurisdictions implementing documentation of vaccination

Experience and evidence with COVID‑19 transmission and spread across jurisdictions related to changes in border controls

Misinformation and disinformation in relation to COVID-19

Determinants of COVID‑19 vaccination hesitancy and ways to improve vaccine acceptance and confidence

What are the impacts of COVID‑19 public health interventions on child development?

Covid-19 mitigation strategies and considerations

Biomarkers and ICU admissions among COVID‑19 patients

School Transmission and Environments in Canada

Epidemiology of COVID‑19 and Canadian Subpopulations

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