Women’s Issues in Pandemic Times: How COVID‑19 Has Exacerbated Gender Inequities for Women in Canada and around the World

Speakers: ​O Bougie, I Chen

Despite the progress made in women’s issues in recent decades, there is concern that the COVID‑19 pandemic has accentuated existing disparities, causing a reversion to traditional gender roles. This issue has adversely affected the health of many women in Canada, with possible long-lasting physical, psychological, social, and economic impacts.​

Drs. Olga Bougie and Innie Chen will explore the mechanisms that lead to inequity, specifically how the COVID‑19 pandemic has exacerbated gender inequality. They will also assess specific examples of gender inequity during COVID‑19 in Canada and around the world. They will then strategize on effective advocacy interventions that consider gender specific factors, to foster gender equity during COVID19 pandemic management and recovery.​

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