Reduce spreading of Covid-19 by using antiviral coatings in senior care homes and hospitals

Wang, Rizhi | $50,000

British Columbia University of British Columbia 2020 NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grant

Covid-19 has brought devastating health consequences for millions of people, changed the life of every individual, and reshaped our economy and industry. In this proposal, materials engineers from UBC are teaming with coating specialists in Northwest Mettech Corp in the development of novel antiviral coating technologies to reduce the spreading of the contagious coronavirus. The developed coatings are made from composite nanoparticles and can create long-lasting antiviral effect once applied onto high-touch surfaces in hospitals, long-term care facilities, dental clinics, and classrooms. As a result, virus landed on surfaces will live shorter life. The developed technologies could thus directly slow down the spreading speed of the virus, which means that fewer people will become sick, and stress on health care will be lowered.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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