Enhancing culturally-safe ways for community wholistic health and wellness aspirations during COVID-19.

Warburton, Darren E | $99,324

British Columbia University of British Columbia 2021 CIHR Other

The COVID‑19 pandemic has significantly impacted Indigenous communities throughout Canada. Current COVID‑19 restrictions have affected the ability for Indigenous peoples to engage in traditional community activities and gatherings. As a result, wholistic components of community health and wellness (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellness) have been negatively affected. Therefore, this community-based research aims to create a novel and virtual community-driven health and wellness program for urban and rural Indigenous communities within British Columbia. This Indigenous-led and community-based program will reflect the strengths and aspiration of the Indigenous communities. Furthermore, community-based participatory research methodologies will be used to increase empowerment and the self-determination of Indigenous peoples within BC. The findings will be shared with community participants, leaders, and available online as in accordance with the OCAP Principles. The community feedback gained in the evaluation of the community-based program will be used as a guide to develop an online community-based health and wellness toolkit. The toolkit will outline best practices and strategies by outlining culturally safe ways to promote community health and wellness in response to COVID-19. It is anticipated that a virtual community-based traditional health and wellness program and toolkit can be used as a guide to enhance ties to wholistic health and wellness within Indigenous communities throughout Canada.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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