Visitation Experiences in Long-Term Care Facilities During the COVID‑19 Pandemic and the Role of Technology​

Speaker: ​C Chu

Dr. Charlene Chu is a nationally and internationally recognized nurse scientist who has passionately devoted her career to improve the care of older adults. She is an accomplished researcher who has published over 50 manuscripts, she holds two patents, and leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers with multiple Tri-Council grants. Her clinical practice as a nurse and her graduate studies in long-term care provided her with an in-depth understanding of geriatrics and the practical barriers facing older adults and those who care for them. Dr. Chu has creatively pursued technology as the means to improve the quality of care for older adults in post-acute care settings. Her research aims to shift the paradigm of how technologies are designed and adopted, and to move the field of nursing forward to lead and navigate technology-enabled settings. ​

Join us as Dr. Chu discusses the impact of isolation and restrictions of older adults in long-term care settings during the COVID‑19 pandemic.

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