Pandemic Survival Guide, Blog, and Game

Speaker: R Baecker, G Feldman, J Langer, J Stein is a web site housing an e-book, blog, and game dedicated to enabling a more informed and resourceful citizenry in grappling with the challenges caused by the pandemic. The authors will briefly describe the project, then focus on research challenges in the domains of home aerosol spread, senior care, child care, and abuse and violence during COVID‑19 lockdowns. Ron Baecker is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Gary Feldman is a retired physician with board certification in pediatrics and medical genetics; he was the Public Health Officer of Ventura County and Riverside County in California over a 14-year period. Judith Langer is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Education, a researcher who has specialized in language, literacy, and learning. Justin Stein is a financial advisor with a practice that is focused on helping families and business owners protect and manage risk, and also to diversify their capital in the markets.

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