Canadians’ Perceptions of Face Masks and Reactions to Public Health Messaging Early in the COVID‑19 Pandemic.​

Speakers: Y Zhang, Y Sharafaddin-zadeh

This program of research examines Canadians’ opinions and practices concerning face mask use in the COVID‑19 pandemic. A focus group study of early public health messaging regarding personal protection showed that Canadians appreciated clear and consistent scientific information from credible sources regarding the need for and proper handling of masks. A Twitter study examined the emergence and evolution of Canadians’ attitudes toward face masks between January and September 2020. ​

Join us as Ying Shan Doris Zhang and Yekta Sharafaddin-zadeh discuss likely attitudinal contributors to the emergence of anti-mask sentiment by showcasing the polarized discourse of face mask efficacy and briefly highlight some Canadians’ attempts to synthesize these contrasting views. ​

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