The Impact of COVID‑19 on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer (TICTOC): a population-based study

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Ontario University Health Network 2022 CIHR Operating Grant

INTRODUCTION: During the COVID‑19 pandemic, there were limitations in healthcare resources which led to restricted access to breast cancer screening and treatment. These limitations have the potential to further exacerbate pre-existing disparities in breast cancer care. METHODS: We will use linked healthcare administrative databases in Ontario to assess for regional variations in breast cancer screening and treatment. We will also explore breast cancer care during the pandemic for marginalized patients. Lastly, we will determine the impact of virtual care and virtual multidisciplinary cancer conferences on breast cancer care during the pandemic. SIGNIFICANCE: This study will the first population-based study in Canada to describe patterns of breast cancer screening and treatment during the pandemic between regions and among marginalized populations. Results from this study will help inform future research and policies on breast cancer care after the pandemic.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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