The COVID-R3ICSAB Study: COVID‑19 Wide Impact: Research on the Risk and Resilience In Special Communities of Chinese, South Asian and Black Populations

Liu, Peter P | $498,210

Ontario Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation 2022 CIHR Operating Grant

COVID‑19 has disproportionately affected visible minorities in the population, with increased mortality, and major health and socioeconomic consequences with disruptions. Unfortunately most of this information comes from data in the US and UK, as surprisingly Canada has NOT been systematically collecting race based health data! Our COVID-R3ISCSAB team attempted to address this critical knowledge gap in Canada by analyzing COVID‑19 health data with previously validated surname algorithm to assign race, and published the analysis for Chinese and South Asian populations with increased death and complications in Ontario. By lobbying governments, the race/ethnicity information is now included in the 2021 Ontario and Alberta health data. Using this new tool, we aim to identify the impact of COVID‑19 on racial communities during the 3rd wave and now post-recovery in Ontario and Alberta. We will also analyze the delay in cardiovascular care because of the pandemic, and the impact of Long Covid on the racial minority populations, in comparison to majority white population. Armed with accurate race data and associated risks, we will engage the Chinese, South Asian and Black individual communities, including the medical leaders, community networks and patients, to formulate community specific solutions, gaining in depth insights, to mitigate future COVID waves and emerging pandemics. We will simultaneously work closely with our knowledge mobilization teams, including Public Health and Ministry of Health leadership, together with community leaders and members. This will enhance the resilience of the population, and help to establish a community based Pandemic SWAT team to address future waves and pandemics.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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