Testing Novel Face Mask Materials COVID-19

James, Lesley | $50,000

Newfoundland and Labrador Memorial University of Newfoundland 2020 NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grant

This project, Testing Novel Face Mask Materials for COVID-19, brings together a partnership between Memorial University (Faculties of Engineering and Applied Science and Science) and Eastern Health, the local public health authority. The objectives are to develop face mask testing capabilities to meet certification standards to test face masks for local, regional, and national interests; investigate the efficacy of materials potentially employed for general use and surgical face masks during the coronavirus pandemic; and query and recommend standardised testing for general use and surgical face masks specific to the Coronavirus. The Hibernia EOR Lab has exemption to conduct PPE testing. The Hibernia EOR Research group are testing surgical face masks and medical gowns according to standardised testing criteria. This proposal adds to the investigation of novel mask materials specific to the Coronavirus for general and healthcare use.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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