Living Systematic Reviews and Knowledge Mobilization of Care Models and Management Options for Long COVID/Post COVID‑19 Condition.

Décary, Simon | $227,200

Quebec Université de Sherbrooke 2021 CIHR Operating Grant

Even if the pandemic ended today >20M people worldwide would still be living with the consequences of Long COVID (Post COVID‑19 Condition), the patient-derived term describing long-term symptoms and sequelae of COVID-19. Long COVID hits across the lifespan, impacting quality of life and employment participation. Anticipated costs are alarming. Massive research investment is leading to the development of evidence-based care models and management options. There is an urgent need to accelerate the availability and use of this knowledge to Canadians. Our overarching goal is to support rigorous, accessible and financially sustainable health systems organization delivering evidence-based care to improve quality of life and functioning, promote safe return to work/school and optimize Long COVID recovery. Our specific aims are to: 1) Conduct two living systematic reviews of care models and management options for Long COVID and 2) Implement a knowledge mobilization hub to share real-time high-quality evidence with people living with Long COVID, clinicians, researchers, and policymakers across Canada and internationally. Long COVID communities support our team and will help us consider all aspects of equity, diversity, belonging and inclusion. We will: 1) Leverage Canada’s SPOR Evidence Alliance and COVID-END knowledge synthesis infrastructure to produce ongoing, high-quality evidence supporting the provinces’ health systems organization; 2) Train a sustainable and person-centred workforce to support care and recovery of people with Long COVID and advocate for rehabilitation needs in case of long-term disabilities; 3) Serve the international community, including low- and middle-income countries, by providing tailored and freely available knowledge to support people with Long COVID. 4) Identify evidence gaps in care models and management options to drive a long-term research agenda.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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