Innovative COVID‑19 resistant surfaces (CRS) and wash basins to promote hand washing in public areas

Gupta, Rishi | $50,000

British Columbia University of Victoria 2020 NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grant

The title of this project is “Innovative COVID‑19 resistant surfaces (CRS) and wash basins to promote hand washing in public areas.” The goal of this project is to identify materials that are resistant to COVID‑19 and have compatibility to be utilized during the manufacturing of wash basins. The industry partner Valley acrylic has a well established manufacturing facility in Mission, B.C. One of the key objectives of this research is to modify the finished surface properties (typically acrylic or vinyl) by changing their physical (nano or micro phase) and chemical characteristics. The developed coating/surface will reduce the tendency of the crown like spikes of the Corona virus from adhering. In addition, the surface may also have anti-pathogenic properties due to the natural chemistry of the material. In the final stage of this project, a portable hand-wash station will be designed using the developed coating. The long-term outcome of this collaboration will promote hand washing in public areas especially pre and post entry by using stand alone wash basins. Examples of public areas include (but not limited to) schools, hospitals, recreation facilities, convenient stores, super markets, etc. This project will potentially lead to a new Canadian product that can be manufactured and deployed rapidly as a part of the Canadian response to COVID-19. The developed coating (in the form of a spray or paint) could also be possible used for surfaces in existing facilities (like washrooms).

With funding from the Government of Canada

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