Indigenous food sovereignty community wellbeing amidst a pandemic. Activating Cwelcwelt Kuc – ” We are Well” through transformational learning in a network of community covid care – upholding a decolonizing model to Indigenous health food sovereignty.

Morrison, Dawn R | $249,470

British Columbia Thompson Rivers University 2022 CIHR Operating Grant

Growing evidence demonstrates that in the present health care system, traditional wellness and healing practices rooted in ancestral knowledge and land-based pedagogies are enabling factors that promote Indigenous peoples’ sense of wellbeing (Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, 2017; Sasakamoose, et al, 2017). Specifically, traditional women’s teachings and ecological knowledge, water and health revitalization, land-based pedagogies, and food sovereignty are considered to be important contributing factors to health and well-being (Bruyere et al, 2020; Redvers, et al 2020 & Sanderson, et al., 2020). This CIHR funded project will conduct an Indigenous, community-centered, evaluation of the Indigenous Food and Freedom School (IFFS) and its ability to strengthen community-level well-being and resilience in the face of COVID-19. The project will apply the decolonizing food systems transformative framework developed by the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty (WGIFS) to promote culturally safe practices in a community of practice. This project aims to operationalize our vision of ‘A just transition to a regenerative tribal economy informed by Indigenous food sovereignty, paradigms, principles and protocols.’ The IFFS was initiated by the WGIFS in April 2019 to develop programs, policies and interventions for a cohort in Chase, Secwepemc, to expand Indigenous food system networks and economies of solidarity and mutual aid. The project will apply Indigenous land-based pedagogies and a trauma/genocide-informed approach to develop, test and evaluate a series of intra-active activities, and regeneration, health and wellbeing of communities of focus where lack of adequate housing makes social distancing or quarantining an issue.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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