From languishing to flourishing: Exploring the wider and longitudinal impacts of COVID-19, use of supports, and recovery for families

McDonald, Sheila W | $401,499

Alberta The University of Calgary 2022 CIHR Operating Grant

BACKGROUND: High-quality, contemporary data on coping and recovery for families during an unprecedented pandemic that is far from over is crucial to inform further immediate and long-term action as variants circulate amidst public reactions to existing measures. COVID‑19 supports were implemented quickly and the wider impact of the well-being of families are largely unknown. Examining languishing and flourishing outcomes is imperative for mitigating the longer-term impacts of the COVID‑19 pandemic. Also, understanding the effectiveness of rapidly implemented government supports to support flourishing outcomes in mothers, youth and families is important to inform the need for additional supports and resource allocation moving forward. METHODS: The All Our Families (AOF) study is a pregnancy cohort in Calgary that started in 2008 and has followed families over time and will have surveyed mothers and youth at four time points during COVID-19. The primary aim of this mixed methods study is to continue engaging with mothers, youth, and families through the AOF cohort to understand the languishing and flourishing impacts of the ongoing COVID‑19 pandemic. To supplement previous AOF findings and gain a deeper understanding of how these impacts have been ameliorated through participation in effective interventions and supports, qualitative research will be undertaken in the form of focus group discussions with mothers, youth, and community stakeholders. A recovery survey for mothers and youth will also take place, focused on studying how to bolster post-traumatic growth following stressful life events. IMPORTANCE: We are poised to rigorously examine and compare the changing nature of social, economic, and health-related impacts associated with COVID‑19 over time to provide contemporary evidence to decision makers to assist in the planning of future pandemic waves and long-term recovery.

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