Dementia Isolation Toolkit

Iaboni, Andrea | $149,491

Ontario University Health Network 2020 CIHR Operating Grant

The Dementia Isolation Toolkit (DIT) was designed and developed with LTCH stakeholders to address two primary aims: 1) To support the compassionate, safe and effective isolation and quarantine of residents of LTC during the COVID‑19 pandemic, and 2) To support the moral resilience of LTC staff. In this project, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the DIT implementation program (DITi) and measure the impact of the DIT and its implementation on achieving effective, safe, and compassionate isolation, and reducing the moral distress of LTCH staff. We will explore the impact of the DIT and DITi on other relevant outcomes arising out of a developmental evaluation and the Common Measurement Framework. The impact of this project will include the development of evidence-informed implementation approaches and materials to facilitate the spread and sustainability of promising practices in person-centered isolation care and in supporting the moral resilience of staff, across the Canadian LTCH sector.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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