COVID-19 in working age Canadian adults: Long-term follow up of infections and immune responses

Coleman, Brenda L | $867,001

Ontario Sinai Health System 2021 CIHR Project Grant

COVID‑19 infections continue to impact our lives and economy despite vaccinations and other protective practices. Many of the infections are caused by variants to the original virus. Due to the ability of this virus to mutate and our inability to control it world-wide, it is likely to continue to plague humans for many years to come. This study is a 2-year follow-up of adults who are currently participating in two ongoing cohort studies. These health care and education workers are on the front lines due to their work, putting themselves and their household members at risk for contracting this potentially deadly disease. We will follow these participants to determine the incidence of COVID‑19 and the pattern of antibody responses in people who are/are not vaccinated and were/were not previously infected. We will also monitor the response to and impact of booster vaccines, if and when they become available.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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