COVID-19 and System Responses to Homelessness

Holguin-Pando, Cristina | $50,000

Ontario Algonquin College 2020 NSERC College COVID-19 Grant

the announcement, COVID‑19 reached the pandemic level and the already vulnerable homeless and

precariously housed population are experiencing greater challenges. This project will map the impact of the

COVID‑19 pandemic on the homeless population in Ottawa, including the added vulnerabilities it has

introduced across systems, the innovations that are happening to enable more effective services, and gaps in

care that require further action. Working in partnership with the Ottawa Alliance to End Homelessness, this

project will explore critical questions around equitable access to health, housing stability, adequate shelter

resources, ticketing related to social distancing, and how COVID‑19 is changing service delivery. The results

will be presented to the City of Ottawa in a report and can help to inform pandemic planning at the local,

provincial, and federal level when “staying home” is not an option.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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