CANCOV2.0: 2-year follow up of the Canadian COVID‑19 Prospective Cohort Study

Herridge, Margaret S | $500,000

Ontario University Health Network 2021 CIHR Operating Grant

The post COVID‑19 condition represents one of the most important lasting legacies of the COVID‑19 pandemic. COVID‑19 has infected >1.5 million Canadians and resulted in >27,000 deaths since January 2020. As the world anticipates the second anniversary of this pandemic, there is an urgency to address the legacy of illness from the post COVID‑19 condition. Emerging international outcomes data demonstrates a high prevalence of persistent symptoms and varied constellations of clinical features comprising the heterogeneous, and still poorly understood, post COVID‑19 condition. The CIHR-funded Canadian COVID‑19 Prospective Cohort Study (CANCOV) was designed to provide systematic and in-depth evaluation of 1-year outcomes of patients with COVID‑19 across a gradient of illness severity and their family caregivers while exploring novel linkages among granular clinical data, innate genetic susceptibilities and varied host immune responses. To date, CANCOV has recruited 1572 participants (including 567 non-hospitalized ; 529 hospitalized (hospitalized non-ICU: 268 patients and 10 caregivers; hospitalized ICU: 261 patients and 56 caregivers) lab-confirmed patients (and another 410 presumptive COVID cases) and 66 family caregivers from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. CANCOV 2.0 will refine and disseminate the framework for rapid knowledge to action (K2A) cycles derived from the 1-year CANCOV dataset with an extension to 2-year follow-up and with a specific focus on vulnerable populations. This program will inform how longer-term disability relates to symptoms in the post COVID‑19 condition. Further, it will highlight potentially modifiable outcomes for vulnerable Canadians who contracted COVID‑19 by informing risk profiles for longer-term clinical and resource use trajectories to better advance planning by health service providers and policy makers.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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