An exploration of the drivers of COVID‑19 vaccine hesitancy to identify and develop community-informed approaches to improving understanding and trust in public health measures among Indigenous peoples in remote and rural communities in Ontario, Canada.

Yeates, Karen | $279,263

Ontario Queen's University 2021 CIHR Operating Grant

Indigenous Peoples and communities have been adversely affected by the COVID‑19 pandemic in Canada. A better understanding of the drivers of vaccine hesitancy and approaches to improve vaccine confidence as well as determining strategies that can be used to improve uptake of vaccination and public health measures to prevent COVID‑19 infection and illness are essential to keep individuals and communities safe. We will utilize community-based research approaches to better understand Indigenous perspectives regarding COVID‑19 public health infection prevention measures including COVID‑19 vaccination. We will also utilize these research approaches to better understand how Indigenous Peoples perceive and incorporate public health recommendations to remain healthy. We will also explore barriers and enablers to accessing health care or other essential health-related services within and outside of their community during the COVID‑19 pandemic so that barriers to staying healthy during the COVID‑19 pandemic can be addressed.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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