A Randomized Open-Label Trial of CONvalescent Plasma for Hospitalized Adults With Acute COVID‑19 Respiratory Illness (CONCOR-1)

Arnold, Donald M | $2,972,273

Ontario McMaster University 2020 CIHR Operating Grant

The COVID‑19 pandemic has affected over 4 million people and caused over 300,000 deaths worldwide. There is no known treatment for COVID‑19 and it can take many months before a vaccine becomes available. There is a fairly significant body of anecdotal evidence that suggests the plasma from recovered COVID‑19 patients – called convalescent plasma – may be an effective method of treating the virus. Convalescent plasma contains proteins called antibodies that can fight off the virus. Taking convalescent plasma from a person who has recovered from COVID-19, and infusing it into someone else who is sick in the hospital with COVID‑19 infection might help them get better. The CONCOR-1 trial will tell us if convalescent plasma can help patients with COVID‑19 avoid needing a respirator or dying. For the trial, COVID‑19 patients who are admitted to the hospital will receive either convalescent plasma or the current standard of care by random selection, like flipping a coin. Patients will be watched for 30 days to see if convalescent works and whether it causes side effects. The CONCOR-1 trial will include 1200 patients from 60 hospitals across Canada and in 3 hospitals in New York City. It is important that we study convalescent plasma properly so that we can know if it is something that blood banks and blood suppliers should be providing to other patients with COVID-19. With our large team of experts from across Canada and a network of hospitals already in place, we plan to complete this large clinical trial quickly in the span of 9 months.

With funding from the Government of Canada

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