The Shadow Pandemic: Intimate Partner Violence and Brain Injury

Speakers: ​A Colantonio, D Toccalino, H Haag

Intimate partner violence (IPV), affecting 1 in 3 women during their lifetime globally, has increased dramatically during COVID‑19 such that it has been called the “shadow pandemic.” Although most of the hits are to the head, face, and neck, putting women at risk of brain injury, there has been very little awareness of the intersection of brain injury and IPV. ​

Our speakers for this event about IPV are Dr. Colantonio, Danielle Toccalino, and Halina Haag. Dr. Colantonio holds a Canada Research Chair in Traumatic Brain Injury in Underserved Populations. She leads an internationally recognized program of research on acquired brain injury with diverse foci on women, sex and gender, work-related traumatic brain injury, and brain injuries in underserved populations. This includes women survivors of IPV, individuals who intersect with the criminal justice system, and people who are vulnerably housed/homeless. Danielle Toccalino’s doctoral research explores the intersections of intimate partner violence, traumatic brain injury, and mental health or substance use as it relates to access to and use of healthcare and community services. Halina (Lin) Haag explores the gendered experiences of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the barriers and facilitating factors influencing mental health, return to work, and social integration encountered by brain injured women survivors of intimate partner violence.  Her work has been funded by the Ontario Women’s Health Scholar Award.  ​

Join us to hear more about the Canadian data on IPV during the pandemic with a focus on brain injury, from the perspectives of survivors, service providers, and a broad range of diverse stakeholders across Canada that includes a system’s perspective. The presentation will conclude with resources for participants including the Battered and Brain Injured toolkit. ​

With funding from the Government of Canada

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