Risks and Impacts of The COVID‑19 Pandemic on Canada’s Kids, Their Parents, and Teachers: Latest Research Results and Policy Implications

Speakers:​ U Allen, T Evans, B Coleman, M Azad, K Zinszer, P Lavoie, J Maguire, M Sadarangani, & J Kellner.

Canadian children have just headed back to school as the pandemic continues, now in its fourth wave. What risks do they face as the under-12s remain unvaccinated? What are the longer-term impacts of school closures, mitigation measures, and uncertainty on children, school staff, parents, and caregivers across Canada?​

The COVID‑19 Immunity Task Force (CITF) and CanCOVID are partnering on a monthly event series, Research Results & Implications, to offer the research and policy communities with the latest COVID-19-related results. Both organizations have been providing various resources including knowledge products and events to help inform public health policy during the COVID‑19 pandemic. ​

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