“Assessing the mental health impacts of COVID-19”

Speaker: E Jenkins

Dr. Emily Jenkins, Assistant Professor in the UBC School of Nursing, is currently leading a multi-wave national survey study in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association and the UK-based Mental Health Foundation. It aims to assess the self-reported mental health impacts of COVID as well as identify factors associated with increased mental health risk or coping capacity. Emphasis is being placed on examining the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on particular populations or structurally vulnerable groups. This monitoring study will use a repeated cross-sectional approach to provide data critical to informing responsive, equity-oriented public health and policy responses in real-time to protect and promote the mental health of all Canadians, including those most at risk. This study will generate a pooled survey database to facilitate comparisons between Canada and other national jurisdictions, a key global priority. Join us to hear the latest details on this important topic.

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