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We are Making a Difference in Pandemic Response. Together as Canadians.

We work across Canada and across disciplines. We are a network of thousands of people who believe that by working together, we can make a difference in the COVID‑19 response for Canadians.

CanCOVID members include:
• Academics and researchers
• Public health and health system leaders in policy and management
• Public health and healthcare professionals
• Patient collaborators
• Graduate trainees
• Industry collaborators

We are the curious and concerned knowledge seekers and producers. Our evolving ‘themes’ bring focus to our work: public health & epidemiology, biomedical research, engineering & science, clinical research, policy and economics, psychosocial and behavioural sciences. We encourage early, mid-career and senior level individuals to join to find and extend opportunities for change in the pandemic.

Want to help or volunteer and don’t quite fit into the categories above? Consider joining the COVID‑19 Resources Volunteer Database

With funding from the Government of Canada

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